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Humidifiers and ac units for growchambers

Recently i got a 4x4 grow chamber and it is way too hot and dry. I was looking for a humidifier for a small room and i thought of this first off would this work and second what ac should i use i want something that works and is pretty in expensive around $100 or so any ideas i need 65 - 70 degree days and 50-55 degree nights.
thanks in advance
You arent going to find a powerful enough AC to cool down to 50 at night for less then 100 dollars, perhaps on craigslist if you are lucky but I doubt it.
From what I have seen the price varies from 250-600
I use two ultrasonic humidifiers, I dont think one will be enough.
vicks and hunter.
When looking at humidifiers get the biggest tank possible you can find. 1 gallon doesn't last long and you will be filling it everyday or more. I found it easier to make my own with a pond fogger, large plastic tub and a fan. I stole the idea from the TF member Kyle.
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heli do you have them on a humidistat and how large are their tanks?
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They are on 24/7, I dont know the tank size.
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every day or so.
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One cheap and easy way to bring up the humidity a little bit is to get a tray, fill it with water and smallish stones. This helps water to evaporate into the air.
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I have a large tray (the table that holds the water) and some airstones, even with it my humidity is at 60 without other humidifiers. Humidifying a large area is not an easy task.
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It's not goin to change the humidity too much but it will help