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Huge ping making second growth point?

I got this ping from a trade a while back and while they arent my thing i was like wth. It has been steadily growing in the recesses of my terrarium for a while now until one day i finally noticed it bc it was like 10x it's original size and looks to be making a second growth point. It was surprising to me bc i have never seen any pics of pings doing that.....

okay it is huge to me bc i have never had a ping get all big and bushy on me and seen not too many pics of them getting big either but as a standard of the plant altogether i am sure it isn't classified as "huge".

the one i have was labeled 'wesser' i believe.

edit: looks like 3 growth points actually. weird behavior indeed.


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My 'John Rizzi' is doing the same :) Three growth points as well
Looks like mine is just starting....


I actually use to hate it when my pings did this, which always seemed to happen after it flowered. In the span of a few months, it would divide multiple times so there was something like 16 growth points all competing for space. Eventually, I would have to go in and thin out the smaller points, right down to the apical meristem. If they naturally separated, that'd be fine, but mine never did...