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How to order from a foreign nepenthes distributor?

Hey guys
This spring I am planning to order from a foreign nepenthes distributor, but I am not exactly sure how the whole transaction goes down. In other words, how do I know if all the paper work is in order, etc. if anyone has one, a list of the papers needed to import... Say a macrophylla,would be dandy!
P. s. if anyone needs to know the site I am ordering from in order to answer this question, feel free to shoot me a P.M!:-D
Wistuba is the only one that does not require USDA permits to imoport.
really! is there a reason to this?
and if this is the case Chthulu, then what paper work is required for wistuba?
No paperwork at all needed for Wistuba. They have a distributor in the US.
sorry for all the questions... but then what about the CITES and the Phytosanitary thing or whatever you call that?
Borneo Exotics has resellers in the US. Order from them.

The US based reseller/distributors import the plants under their permits.

Otherwise if you're importing them yourself you need USDA import permits, phytosanitary certificates (from the vendor), CITES (where applicable) import permits. If you are importing the plants as a business you'll need business and customs licenses and permits also.

USDA and/or phytosanitary certificates are required (which ones depends on size of the shipment). These are required for seed, plants (in-vitro or otherwise), plant parts (including pods and pollen), tubers, etc. If you don't have the permits and paperwork included with the shipment or the vendor does not supply phytosanitary certificates then you are importing the seeds or plants illegally. This applies to all sources including Canada that do not have distributors within the US.

Since it has been the policy (as long as I've been a member) of TerraForums not to condone or encourage illegal activities these vendors should not be discussed outside the context of their illegitimacy (e.g. not supplying proper paperwork). And just because eBay doesn't check the legitimacy of foreign vendors that doesn't somehow make it legal to import stuff without the proper documentation just because it is on eBay. If you read eBay's policies they place all the responsibility on the buyer to legally import items. A legal dodge on eBay's part at best.

See also this thread:
what about if the ebay seller provides cities and photosanitary documentation do you need any thing else if it is just one plant
the importer is responsible for CITES permits as well as importation permits. Most international sellers on ebay are shipping plants/seeds to the US illegally however, not all of them are illegal. But having the plants/seeds shipped straight to your home is illegal, they are supposed to go through an inspection station first before reaching you. I am working on getting my CITES permit, I had it but let it expire. and I am hoping to organize a few overseas orders come spring if I have the money. If they come together I will shoot you a pm and see if you want in on it.
sorry for all the questions... but then what about the CITES and the Phytosanitary thing or whatever you call that?

With Wistuba you dont need any of that stuff. You just have to order and wait. They have a distributor in the US that handles importing the plants then the distributor ships the plants to you. Very simple and easy.
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so if i understand you mcmcnair the importer needs a cities too even if the exporter provides one or does the exporter not need to provide one and what about photosanitary do you need one if the seller provides one too ( the plant in question is n.bical)

mcmcnair if you are planning on buying from malasiana tropicals pm me
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