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How to grow Drosera Pauciflora?


Agent of Chaos
Greetings. I found some Drosera Pauciflora for sale and I'm considering getting one. I read in the Savage Garden that they move as fast as Burmanni which I think is really cool.

So anywho, what are some of the basics?

Temperatures, best soil, do they have a dormancy, annual or perennial, etc?
I don't know any specifics about this species but I'm about to plant some seed. I'm attracted by the pictures of the huge flowers they produce that I've seen on the CP Photofinder. Hopefully someone will step up with some cultivation info.
They're winter growers, and tough to germinate like tuberous.. Recommend googling for info and doing research into them.. Might need smoke or GA3 to get them to germinate, also need hot strat first..
Also, treat them like all other winter growing south africans..
I germinated seed of this species really easily. Nothing special, just a sow & grow. Germinated after about 3 weeks on sandy peat in HL conditions with lots of light.
Once the plantlets got to about the size of a dime, they became a pain in the butt. Couldn't keep them going..

hope my experience helps.
Thanks for the responses Brie and Mass. The best I can come up with is this species grows very much like D. cistiflora in cultivation. While it doesn't have the advantage of the showy upright growth it does have flowers that are huge and very similar to cistiflora. The biggest advantage is it is said to be longer-lived and it does have those very fast tentacles.