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How to delete posts

  • Thread starter KNepenthe
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Sooo I accidentally just posted on a thread and did not mean to. When I bring my cursor over the edit button it displays 'edit/delete'. But, when I actually click the button and it brings me to the edit page there doesn't seem to be a way to actually delete the post, even under the advanced setting. I'm hoping I'm just missing something and it's probably right in front of my face but I looked multiple times and still nothing so it's time to ask :/

Thanks in advance! :)
I think only Andy can delete posts. Most of us, I think usually just go into "Edit Post" and delete the text.
I've always just went in and replaced a mistaken message with a "." and left it at that.
I just checked and couldn't find a "delete" option either.
Ok. Thanks, glad I wasn't just missing something :p