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How much did you or are you willing to pay for heliamphora?

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I've noticed they are very expensive compared to other Cps.

The price varies depending on species and sizes.

Just curious, how much would you pay?

Since I like to buy younger plants and watch them grow, I think i'd prefer a small size Heliamphora

BUT, at this point I'd take size my money can buy

I think I'd only be willing to pay at most no more than $80.

What about you guys? and for the people who's bought heli's before, care to share how much you paid?
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Well, as you put, it depends HEAVILY on species, size, and quality of the plant you are receiving. Just as someone might shell out ~$200 for a seedgrown N. villosa, for example, the same person wouldn't spend that much on a small N. alata obviously, even though they are both Nepenthes. Also, price is subjective. In other words, what someone might pay for a certain plant is different from what you might pay. It really depends more on how much YOU value it than how much other people do. If there's an awesome specimen of a plant I really want, I'm willing to pay more than the average person might. It honestly depends on how much you want the heliamphora, and then obviously the specifics about the plant itself.

That being said, something like a small heterodoxa x minor isn't probably worth more than $30 or $35 (if that) while a rarer, larger specimen would obviously be "worth" a lot more. For $80, you have plenty of options, as there are certainly helis out there for less than that (pulchella, minor, heterodoxa x minor), but it just depends on whether you personally feel a plant is worth purchasing for its asking price.
It comes down to many things. As Iwest said, what a person is willing to pay often dictates the price. For example, on eBay, H. heterodoxa x minor routinely run $60-90 for a $30-40 plant.
Other factors such as rarity, supply and demand, and even appearance of the plant affect the going price.

Heliamphora are notoriously slow growers, even in TC, often taking ten years or more to mature from seed. Many of the species were only recently described, and have only recently been released to the public, and most are very difficult to grow well, usually requiring a greenhouse or grow chamber specialized just for them.

These are just the factors that occurred to me as I was typing this. There are undoubtedly many, many more.
it all depends. I got a large two growth point H. Heterodoxa for $100, but a large Folliculata is $300
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I paid 25 for my minor
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Posts like this encourage people to say how much they paid at certain places... Do some research and you can find out how much they are going for and such... I think there are a couple posts here which answer your question and don't think more responses would very much expand on the facts, so it is locked.
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