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how long will it take these seedlings to turn into a 4 inch plant or so

i recently rcd these as a bonus to a trade.......ones in the pic are labeled maxima and i have 3 ampullaria speckled green. So these should do well in my terrarium. i hear neps can 3 years to get a plant from seed? how long on avg will it take these seedlings to transition into say 4 inch tall plants?

5+ years depends on your conditions though and the species
aww nuts.......was hoping the amps would be less due to their growing speed.....basically put them in corner and forget about them until i see plants. lol. thx.
Warm growing species will be faster, yes. But I expect you are still looking at plus-or-minus three years before a seedling of that size will reach 4".
It may take a while but what a sence of accomplishment once they get to a size and you can say yeah! i did that
Makes me realize that $20 is cheap for a 4 inch nep.
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Depends..I've had ampullaria reach 5 in in a year, spectabilis reach 3in in a year, and ventricosa reach 2in in a year...and some, like my N.dubia seedlings, are going so slow, it will prolly take them 4 years to reach 4in.
Makes me realize that $20 is cheap for a 4 inch nep.

my train of thought is similar...rather just buy em bigger :) but ill do it once or twice for the experience i guess.....or possibly for some rare lowland species/hybrid.
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My nepenthes ramispina seedling is 2" after 10months.