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How are the (bosch x campy) x (pect x campy) seed going?

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Just wondering. Hoping I didn't add a quasimodo to the gene pool.
Hi Z,

They are still pretty small so not much to look at yet. I think there will be some very pretty plants in the group but with primary parents on both sides there will be a fair amount of variability also.

Yeah at this point I'm just hoping they sprouted ok. It's my first batch of seed so it's really cool :)


Don't recall offhand how thick I spread the seed in the pot but here you go.

zuzunums were both parent plants yours or did you have to find the pectinata x campy pollen? Also, Tony those are awesome! What is your media for nepenthes seed sowing?
Tony: oh how very cute!

mcmcnair: I obtained donor pollen from someone else.