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house plant Drosera zigzagia

this plant was a headache, i originally purchased the seed from Lowrie several years ago.....even with the hand holding of some experianced tuberous growers i had been un able to get the whole pot to go dormant at the same time....as some plants would start going dormant others would be in active growth.....as an experiment i decided to treat it as a house plant instead of like my normal Drosera....it does not grow in a tray, instead i top water it briefly every other week......its been growing happily this way for over 18 months now, seems to be the best practice to keep the active growth plants with enough water but not have the soil wet enough to rot dormant tubers......

Nice work man!
Nice looking plant! Maybe its just a genetic trait the plant has, have you ever tried dividing it or growing seed from it to see if they behave the same way?
nope have not messed with it.....actually pay lil attention to the plant at all other than to notice that flowers abort alot without opening.....could just be the conditions of my basement but i have been unable to sync up the various indivdual plants by lengthening or shortening the day length....
very cool. What are the temps in your basement, just out of curiosity? If it never gets above a certain temp, can some (or all) tuberous dews stay in active growth like yours indefinitely?
50-65 nights and 75-85 days depending on many factors but in general warmer end in summer, cooler winter....