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Hi to all!

Hey everyone!

I'm Jo. I live in central Florida and up until a few days ago, I never thought I'd possibly love a plant as much as I love my first carnivorous friend. (Don't get me wrong--I love all my plants--but this one is really something special!) I "adopted" a beautiful nepenthes alata from the local farmers' market, where a man was selling unique plants he'd grown himself and providing pamphlets of information about them. I was so taken with it that I had to bring it home!

My husband wasn't too sure about the nepenthes but since it's been successfully catching some bugs on the patio, I think he's coming around to it. ;)

Anyway, I'm already positive I want to bring more carnivorous plants into my life, so I'm glad to find this forum! It'll be a great place to research what I've already got as well as what I might want to bring home in the future.
Heya homeslice, welcome to TF, everyone is awesome >>
Welcome to TerraForums :-D
Welcome to TF Jo!
Welcome to TF! All of what I have has come from the generous forum folks.
^JimScott is a super nice guy and a very experienced grower imo who was very very helpful when I was starting out :) And continues to be so!
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Welcome to TF! It's possible your Alata is a N. Ventrata (alata X ventricosa). It's usually mistaken for this hybrid. ;)