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Hi from UK

Hi my name is Elliott I am 14 years old. I have been growing Nepenthes for six months . I grow my Nepenthes in a HL grow chamber in my bedroom. I have done hydroponics in the past and ill love to try again in the future when I have enough time. By joining the forum i would like to gain more experience to help me become a better grower. Hopefully i will post more frequently and get to know people as well to trade with everyone. Happy growing
Hello Elliott and welcome to Terraforums! I'd love to see pictures of your grow chamber, and maybe even trade with you in the future.
Welcome. :wave: What species/hybrids of Nepenthes do you grow. I'd love to see pics as well.
What Bio said (lol)! Welcome to terraforums
Greetings. Are nepenthes the only CPs you grow? If so, you didn't exactly choose the easiest to start out with.
Welcome Elliott :)
Welcome to TF!
hi Elliot,i am sure you will find loads of great advice on here,
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Hi everyone thanks for being friendly. This is a bit of a overdue reply but i will give you my grow list.
My nepenthes growlist:
N. Lowii AW (Mt Gunung Mulu - Gunung Murud)
N. Maxima BE (extreme form i think)
N. Rajah AW x2
N. Robcantleyi BE
N. Sanguinea BE
N. Truncata AW (reddish leaves)
N. Veitchii AW (Batu lawi Borneo)
N. Vogelii BE

N. XHookeriana (my only lowlander)
N. Maxima x Trusmadiensis
N. Spathulata x Spectabilis
N. Veitchii x Lowii Aw x2
N. Veitchii x Platychila

Coming soon:
N. Maxima AW (wavy leaves)

Unfortunately i cant get pictures right now but i hope this helps.