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Hi from Czech republic, Middle Europe

Hi all
I´m Leoš , I am interested especially in carnivourous plants, orchids and other botanical rarities. I also like TC ...

Regards Leoš
welcome to the forums :) once the CP bug bites you, it never lets go....and if it does, it will come back for more ;)

anyways, hope to see you expanding your collection, youve got alot of people over there who have some amazing collections!
Welcome to TF!
WELCOME WELCOME from southern California!!! :)
ello mate
Ahoj Leos -
More Czechs, yay! :rookwoot:
Thanks to all for so kind welcoming, soon i´ll post some photos of my plants :)

thez yo : waw it´s a surpice you know czech greeting . And what other Czechs do you know ?
Narodila jsem se v ceske republice ale nemuzu psat dobre