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Herbal distress


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Just spent a heartbreaking afternoon tearing out my herb garden. The winter from heck killed off everything except a couple of native flowers. Some of the plants had been there for over twenty years. The worst was the hardy rosemary. Originally planted as a seedling from a two inch pot in the summer of 1993 it had grown to over five feet in diameter and had a stem that was insanely thick. :cry: That plant provided the herb for countless meals, breads and jars of dried rosemary used as gifts. Cuttings had been rooted, potted and given away. As Dan says, I now have a blank slate, in my front yard..in good sun. Now to decide what to put there.
That must be tough, especially losing a plant over twenty years old. Maybe you could try some cold-hardy cps like Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea or alpine Pinguicula.
That must be tough, especially losing a plant over twenty years old. Maybe you could try some cold-hardy cps like Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea or alpine Pinguicula.
Thanks, it is hard..I already have two half-whiskey barrel bogs and several large potted bogs out there, loads of cold hardy cps in them.
This winter there was an unprecedented week of sub-zero temps here, and I had (yes -- past tense) a greenhouse loaded with nearly 200 rare/irreplaceable roses in pots. I would say that at least 85% of the archive was killed by that freeze and this week I have started the sad job of carrying all the pots to the burn pile and dumping them. C'est la vie.

PS: There will be no figs at the local farmers markets this year either, for the same reason; I have yet to see a live fig tree in the region.
Oh Whim..that is waaay too harsh a trick the weather played on you. I'm sorry for your loss, as I grieve mine. Is there a support group we can go to?
I'm really sorry for both you guys (let's not also forget Tony!). I get incredibly attached to all my plants and have had my share of losses in the past. Also got affected by the freaky weather this year but not nearly like y'all: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/136201-My-Greenhouse-Went-Airborne-Yesterday. I lucked out with the tropicals. However, I had so many outdoor plants freeze to death when we hit 7 degrees... Agaves, cacti, bananas, palms... probably 20 different species turned into mush. I'm clinging to collecting Sarrs and VFTs to help me over this hurdle and give me something else to focus on.
Judy, no chance that any of the herbs will come back from the roots once temps warm up? Between the snow any leaf cover from last year's growth, there might be the possibility of the roots having made it.

Didn't even realize there was a winter hardy rosemary. Only familiar with the Mediterranean type.
I lost my Rosemary this winter as well. I planted it right after I bought this house in 2007, and it survived unprotected since. I never had one survive any winter before, so I didn't protect it that first winter. When it came back I was amazed. It grew into a bush about 5' wide and 3' high. Like wise it provided the flavor for countless meals and flavored oils and vinegars for my own use and many gifts as well. Oh well, I've been thinking about pillaring a rose, and now I have a perfect spot.