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help with pests

hi all

For the last 6 month i have been losing plant after plant,I had bad infestation of snails in my terrarium
(seem like one of the pots i grown outside carried a few snails,once i moved the plant inside my
terrarium they multiplied exponentially untill i saw them in every single pot).
I have tried killing them with Metaldehyde but the infestation was 2 bad,so i repotted all my collection.
I was still losing plants,so I have treated the plants with CONFIDUR , also i replaced my 250 W MH with 400Recently i have learned that after treating for aphids i have to treat against mites.
I dont see snails anymore in my plants ,I cant see any pests on my plants even with magnifying glass,
but i see damage on new leafs, guessing i have mites problem.
I am not sure if i have spider mites or rust mites(cant see any webs ).
here is a few pic ,the white spots are from treatment for rust mites.
any help will be appreciated
burbidgeae- one of the few survivors .




truncata leaf(pasian) with black holes.


black truncata leaf damge


Is that pests damge or from the light change

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Looks like thrip damage to me. Bayer Rose & Garden spray got rid of them for me the one time I had them.