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Help with P. cyclosecta

So I have had a P. cyclosecta for about a year now. Below is a picture of what it looks like now, and as you can see it is lacking the more rounded leaves and has very little blue color to it. I grow it in a mix of peat, sand, and perlite with the top half inch being just sand. I use the tray method keeping it very wet, and it is currently under two fluorescent T12 lights. Last winter it never fully entered the winter rosette stage so I'm thinking that may be why it doesn't have the coloration and leaf size. It has also gotten progressively smaller since I have had it, the rosette only being about an inch and a half now. Any suggestions on what I could do to grow this better? Thanks
One week after receiving:
000_0108, on Flickr

How it looks now:
000_0125, on Flickr
How close to the lights is it?
Its about 7 or 8 inches away from the lights
Your plant is trying to go dormant. It's starting to produce it's succulent leaves. Nothing to worry about, just dry the plant out for a couple of months and shorten the light cycle by a few hours.
It's been like that for a while now though,can the leaves be trying to go dormant for that long, or will they just do that until they get the dormancy?
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Yes, it's trying to go down but you're still watering it. Let it dry out and the process should speed up a bit.