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HELP pests.


Riverbank CA
Hello i have a spatulata and i just noticed these tiny white insects in the soil. They never seem to b on the plant or surface of the soil the only way to see them is to start digging alittle. I know it b better if i had pics but i tried and there way to blurry. Does anybody have an idea.

Ok so i just dug one up and started poking it and it jumped a couple inches so i think they're springtals. Are these bad for my plants regardless i want to get rid of them what can i use to kill them.
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from your description it sounds like they are indeed springtails, they're not bad for your plants, they're food!
Springtails are benign: leave them be.
Ok sound like im going to leave them plus i do see them from time to time stuck on the leaves.
Springtails! Oh, how I wish I had some in my pots!
Personally I would rather control what mine eat by a feeding schedule and keep my pots pest free. Don't like bugs being close to where I sleep.
Springtails, and insects like them, are far from pests, they eat only detritus and provide great food for small plants. Plus, once you have them, they will never permanently go away, especially in a big collection.
I have springtails everywhere in my collection, they eat dead leaves on my plants. So i agree with hcarlton, they are good for the cps.