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*help* making drosera hybrids

....oh boy, i get to make yet another first endeavor very soon. *need help*

mainly need tips in the arena of cross pollinating them.

Looks like one of my dielsiana and one of my nidiformis are making seedstalks at the same time and they are planted very close to each other. Anyone have any advice or tips to help make this endeavor a success? I think someone said all i have to do is touch the flowers together and the magic happens...is that accurate?

there are nidiformis x dielsiana hybrids floating around already so i know it can be done......mainly just need some tips for best way to pollinate. I seen somewhere that all I need to do is touch the flowers together...is that true or do I need to get in there with a small paint brush to get the pollen off of one and put it on the other?

i have seen this hybrid before and it looks nice so instead of purchasing it I think i will try my hand at manufacturing it.
To make sure there isn't any accidental self pollination, it's oftne best to remove the anthers from each flower and pollinate the other species with them. If you don't mind the chance of self-pollination and getting species as well as hybrid seeds in the same capsule, then yeah, just rub the flowers together.
how does one go about removing the anthers? small scissors?
bump.....first flower opened but i missed the window so i plucked it as it was in the closing phase and removed the anthers........are they still good/have pollen in them or are they used up??
Microsurgery forceps and scissors work. If you can't afford those then some splinter tweezers and cuticle cutters from the local pharmacy type store will do.

Unknown how long the pollen will remain viable. A day or two I would imagine. Maybe a couple weeks.
long as they still have pollen in them it will be fine. i think the next flower will probably open up tomorrow.
how i do it: remove the all of the little pollen sacks from both flowers and then just gently rub them on the stamen of the other flower and leave them sticking to it in the flower. when the flower closes it will close around and press them to the stamen to help with further pollination. with luck you will have two pollinated flowers

oh yeah, you need very fine tip tweezers for this.. you can find them in the beauty section of most stores but they will be expensive. harbor frieght sells a set of tweezers. thats where i got mine

this guy has a bunch of cool tools for sale too. Ive ordered quite a few tools here. just search for tweezers in his shop http://myworld.ebay.com/suhailsalim
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harvested my first seedpod earlier today of nidiformis x dielsiana.....seeds look like pepper specs from a shaker.....hopefully they germinate but more excited about the other stalk containing the a couple pods of dielsiana x nidiformis aka drosera x snyderi :)