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Help identify and treat these tiny bugs.


Never Knows Best
My pings are infested with these little bugs. At first I thought they were perhaps seeds that I spilled accidentally but when they starting popping up on more and more plants it became obvious that they are not seeds :( They don't seem to be moving much unless you poke them and flip them upside down. They look like some-type of Mites. Can anyone identify them and suggest a treatment?

Photos taken with my Note 2 camera. Pardon the quality.
My guess would be soil mites?
My guess is flea beetles. I'm not sure what to do about it, except maybe neem. You can get some pure, cold pressed neem on fleabay.
Flea beetles seem to be too big and these bugs that I have don't jump.
LOL! Flea beetles don't jump, they just look like fleas.

We need an opinion from Mach. Speaking of, I wonder where he is. Haven't seen him all evening.
I see, I that looks very similar. Is there an effective/suggested way of getting rid of them?
They are likely Oribatida, and if that is correct, it is highly unlikely that they are damaging your plants. They are mainly detritivores.
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Safer Soap (Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids) is great on spider mites and probably these as well. Do it in the evening when the plants are cool and if you are concerned about damaging your pings wash it off in an hour or so with water.
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They kind of look like baby snails to me...