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Help a newbie identify Nepenthes


My husband bought me a Nepenthes sp. pitcher plant for my birthday as I had been ogling them for months. Unfortunately I don't know what I am doing so I have been reading as much as I can. I have two big questions:

In order to get the best care advice possible, can someone help me identify the species / hybrid? If so, how could you tell? If these pictures are not helpful, which part of the plant would help?

There is a whole lotta leaf going on so I suspect this guy has outgrown his pot. I was wondering if it would be okay to transplant the whole thing as one big piece into a larger pot. I have read lots of helpful advice on substrate but not really on the actual transplanting.

Thanks. This forum has already been enormously helpful.


Nepenthes 'Miranda' which is Nepenthes (maxima x northiana) x maxima
Definitely ok to transplant.

I recommend getting the book "The Savage Garden". It is the CP Bible.
Yeah looks like the same as my "nepenthes sp." and it seems to be indeed Miranda.
Definitely Miranda. It's also certainly ready to be repotted, and with that much new growth, I'd say a pot even up to twice the size of the current one would be good. That may help the different growth points spread out a little bit.