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Helly from Sunny AZ

Hello everyone,

I just recently decided to give up all my aquatic gardens and move to more terrestrial plants. I am starting a carnivorous plant collection and a succulent plant collection. It will be a little challenging since Phoenix, AZ is a very dry climate, but building a system that will provide the plants the habitat they need is what makes the new collection so interesting. I do not currently have any plants. I am still in the research stage of starting my collection. I have some books on order and will get my first plants after reading a few books about them.

I love reading all the information provided on the forum and look forward to talking with everyone.
Plenty of AZ residents on here to help you out. Including our big boss man..
Welcome to the addiction.
welcome to TF :) we are a helpful bunch of people if i do say so myself :p feel free to pop into the chatbox with questions
Well AZ definitely has the sun for growing plants, just not very much humidity.
Welcome to TerraForums :-D I'm sure you'll fit in here just great. Once you get your first, there's no going back!
Welcome to TF!
Welcome! I'm originally from AZ - lucky you to still live there!
Welcome to the forum!