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Hello, my name is Eddie and I am 13. I have been growing carnivorous plants for a little more than a year now. I have been reading this forums for several months and have decided that I would learn more and I could could help people just starting out in this hobby as a member of the forum. Sorry if this introduction is too long.
not at all! =] welcome Eddie! i saw your growlist and you have a nice selection of neps there. some i would kill for =] haha jk! lots to learn here! make the most of it! and there are lots of people your age that ar here. i started when i was 13 and im 17 now. so the addiction never dies =]

Welcome to Terraforums thanks for joining I just got back into carnivorous plants last year CP are so much fun once you get in the hang of it I suggest you buy or check it out at your local library The Savage Garden has alot of good information to read also be sure to post on the forums if you need help with any of your plants.

I looked at your growlist you have some nice plants for just growing for a year I have a D. Binata var. Multifida too, I got it last spring very nice plant and is my favorite type of sundew so far.
Welcome Eddie, Truncata is da best nep btw.
Welcome to TF!
Thanks for making me feel so welcome at this forum.
Welcome to TF! I'm sure you'll like it here :).
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Hey there Mr T.
Intro not too,long jest
welcome to Terror Forums.
I think terra forums is a misnomer. cause of all the terrifying things these plants do to insects.LOL
I am one of the older folk on here,with only about 9 years total being invovled with carni plants.
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Welcome, Eddie. Intro post too long? There's no such thing! Got any pictures to share?

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Hey welcome! Always nice to see someone my age here. I also started about a year ago at age 13.