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Hello TerraForums! By Cd068840

Hi! My name is Chance. I love carnivorous plants and music. There's nothing much more interesting about me. If you want to ask me questions, I have np with that! Also I'm trying to write a book, and I need ideas. Its about a zombification virus outbreak, and there's 15 chapters, and an epilogue. so if you could help with that, let me know. also, i want to know more about carnivorous plants, so keep me updated with info. Thanks! Cd068840, OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D
Welcome! Good luck with the book.
Welcome to the forum!
Willkommen! :gulp:
Welcome to TF!
hey chance! just noticed this thread! was wondering when you were going to make a "hello TF!" post, and i guess you already did!

oh, and im writing a book too, mine is about a swarm of alien jellyfishlike creatures that float through space on intergalactic currents, and are being blown towards the Earth by a random burst of solar wind. they will descend upon our planet, sapping countless megawatts from our power grid, and eventually start attacking humans and other life to sap the electric current from our brains!!! THE INVASION HAS BEGUN!!!!!:spazz: