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Hello from Michigan


For the love of Science!
New to the forums, and still learning about CP's (Who isn't?)

Been keeping them for about 5 years now. It's an addiction, that's for sure.

Just put in a bog in my backyard last week.
Welcome. 5 years experience should make for some nice plants. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the bog.
As soon as i find my way around (shouldn't take long) I'll get the pics up. Haven't actually put the plants in just yet - that may be later today actually. Mostly Sarracenias, a few VFT's, and going to get my hands on some cold-temperate sundews and pings when I can.

I'm reluctant to move my Sarrs right now, as 2 are flowering. After this tough winter, I'm happy they survived.
Based on your county, you might not be horribly far from me.

You keep herps too, based on your avatar?
Yes, I keep herps. It's my other hobby, lol. 13 snakes, a bearded dragon, a turtle, some African clawed frogs, and right now a borrowed (boarding him while his family is on vacation) iguana.

Whereabouts are you, DragonsEye?
former midlander here. Welcome!
I was born in Midland! Married there, too at Dow Gardens.
Welcome to TFs :)
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Welcome, :wave:. Nice python in your avatar. P. regius?
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Boa constrictor ;) Subspecies is uncertain, but he is a Central American dwarf of some type. Possibly Nicaraguan.

I also have 5 P. regius, though.
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Welcome to Terraforums Dragoness!
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Welcome to TF! LOL! It sure took a long enough time!
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I'm in Michigan too, southwest part