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Hello from Colorado springs, CO

Hello, my name is Chase, I am 17 years old, and I am from Colorado Springs. I just recently got into the CP hobby but have been collecting plants for a couple years now. My main collections are cacti and Tillandsia's. I also have a collection of reptiles and animals of all kinds. As of now, I only have one plant and that is a N. spathulata x fusca, which is listed in my sig. I am going to start a little CP greenhouse next summer. Right now I will just keep some indoors.

The reason I got into Nepenthes is because of the member Pineapple. I saw some of his plants on Youtube and some other sites. Thanks Pineapple!

I'll post pics of the start of my collection soon!
I live really really close to Mr. Jeremiah Harris :) I want to contact him and get some pointers for growing in this zone possibly! I have came across his website and was amazed that that greenhouse I pass all the time, would contain my next hobby! I have many hobbies and never fall out of them. I feel this one is going to stick for a long time!
Welcome to TerraForums! :-D we also have a few other growers here from CO too who could give you some more tips I'm sure.
I am glad I live so close to these other members :)
Welcome! I just moved from COS last year to NY. I miss it! Enjoy Colorado :) Good luck with your CP's.
Welcome to the forums! You'll definitely want to contact Jeremiah, though since he's on a trip you may want to wait a bit, but his greenhouses were worth the two hour drive I made to see them (I live way up in Greeley). Nice to see another reptile fan here as well!
Good luck with your plants!
The reason I got into Nepenthes is because of the member Pineapple. I saw some of his plants on Youtube and some other sites. Thanks Pineapple!

Yay! Hehehe. I influenced somebody into the hobby with my spamming of plants no a reef forum! :boogie:
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HAHA yes! I took my tank down (my pico dopeness) Like in march? and still have the 55 in which my brother adopted haha so I pay nothing on them.... So happy about that!!
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Got my first nep today!!



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Here is to show how well my window is at keeping some good temps and humidity!

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Interesting colors on the nep, I may have to find this hybrid. Make sure that is distilled or RO water that you're misting with, or else you may get fatal mineral buildup.
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It is a bottle filled with RO :)