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Hello everybody from MARIN, CA

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Passionate about the indoor and outdoor CP's

Glad to join the group

Thank you looking for xs clones of N. Red hairy hamata and N. Eddie just like everyone else Ha.

Email me if knowledge of where a bouts!

from marin county right back at you! There are a bunch of us marinites and people from all over the bay area here. Do you participate in BACPS?
Speaking of bacps, meeting this Saturday @ Berkeley botanical gardens, 12-4. Unfortunately or fortunately, I won't be able to make this one.

welcome Dave!
i want to whens the next BACPS where people might bring eddies for sale :)??
Welcome! I live in the Bay Area as well.

Hello from Modesto CA
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Hello from Northern Ohio, the place where carnivorous plants go to die...unless they turn up at my house!
Okay, I have a friend who bought a Venus flytrap on Saturday, but STILL!

Anyhow, welcome to the forums!