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Heliamphora minor can be too much red ?


My helis minor are very, very red since 3-4 weeks or so. I can barely see some green. Its lack of water? Maybe i have too strong lighning? Too cold at night?
Or its normal? Im still newbie with that specie.

Thx for reading !
Hi Maiden,

There are various opinions amongst seasoned Heli growers as to whether totally red Helis are a good thing. I tend to try to reduce the lighting, just a bit, to have some
chlorophyll-based green pigmentation present. The ease to which a particular Heli species turns red is, imho, strongly dependent on specific species genetic tendencies, as well. My H. ciliata, and H. folliculata get completely red very easily with ample lighting, whereas, H. minor, really has to be 'driven' by strong light to get completely red. The frequency of the light also plays a part. My 5000 kelvin bulbs produce more red in my Helis, than the 6500 kelvin bulbs that I used before, at the same wattage.

Hope this helps!
yes thanks a lot !

I think is the very cold nights(8C) warm days(23C) that cause the massive red coloration.
And from my experience, when the plant sometimes dont have enough water, it can be more red.

Im not pretty sure !

But if i found how my minors get that massive red coloration, i will be able to reach the perfect deep red coloration on my pulchella !

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Thats what i mean... my heli minor are VERY red. Its too red? i mean, my plants have burns ? Or need more water ?

The last pictures is my pulchella akopan, and my minors are more red !!




That plant looks very healthy. I wouldn't concerned.