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Heliamphora grab bag ??? (afrodisa $80)

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3 adult Heliamphora divisions... I have no idea what they will be or even how big, haven't divided them yet.
But I can guarantee at least one to be a more desirable species... the other two will likely be more common.
Very likely all will be rooted, but cant promise anything.

Bidder pays $15USD shipping, USA bidders only.... no foreign shipments so please do not ask.
Shipment will be made within one week of payment, weather permitting.

Divisions will be "fresh" and will need to be treated as such. Not recommended for new growers
Please PM if you have any questions, but Ill tell ya upfront... you have no input as to what the species will be.

No warranties expressed nor implied.

Let the bidding begin at $2 USD

Roll the dice people.... and good luck

$35. What a cool offer!
$ 45 Holy smokes.
$60. I gotta have.
The NASC has received payment for this item so you are clear to ship! Thanks for supporting the conservancy :)
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Hey afridosa! could you tell us witch heli's you got??? :)
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Hey afridosa! could you tell us witch heli's you got? :)
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sorry. double posted
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Will let you know when I know.
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Even I don't know yet :p

I hope to take the divisions tonight and ship tomorrow, or divide over the weekend and ship Tuesday (worst case scenario)

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Shipped Tuesday, April 23nd

tracking number provided via email.

two large divisions with roots, one smaller division with no root... all mature.
All three are nice, 2 of 3 are of a more collectable species, one is more common.
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Nothing like a little more suspense :^}
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Suspense almost over :p
Delivery attempted, awaiting pickup at PO
(signature required)
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Mail came @ 2:00 yesterday - the day before it was 7:15 PM (normally it comes between 4:00 & 5:00) Notification paper said pickup on 26th so they wouldn't even look to see if it was there (which it was) when I went in @3:00 yesterday. Had to wait til 9:30 this morning.

The plants are Heliamphora Tatei, Heliamphora x [heterodoxa x minor] & Heliamphora "Tequila". Just unboxed them haven't potted them up yet. From what I can see they look huge & in good shape.

Photos later.

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the tatei is H. tatei var. tatei (Cerro Maharuaka)

glad they made it safe and sound, I'm sure you will do well with them David,
The tequila is nearly bullet proof, the hetero x minor, well bullet proof.... the tatei can be more of a challenge

just follow the sticky and you should have no probs...

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Thanks they are soaking now. Have read & reread the sticky, have all the media ingredients soaked & at the ready.
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