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heli. tequila


thanks to a few members here my collection is starting to recover thanks to all , who have helped me out.:-D

have had this replacement (for the one i had to let go in trade) now for a couple months , and its starting to settle in its growing very quickly now.
One of my all time fav helis by far...

great looking specimen Jimmy,
Well grown.
Wow, that is a nice plant! What is the nep on the left of the first pic??
Burkei of course its filling my terrarium with pitchers it s getting hard to take apicture without one of burkeis pitchers in the shot. its like the every time you take a pitched it leans and say look over here
Lookin' good, Jimmy!

Nice heli!

How many cm have the typical tequila adult pitcher? 20-25cm max ?
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i dont know cm that well 4.5 maybe 5 inches
the one pitchered here are about 3.5 inches