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Heli hybrid seedling

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This was from Av8tor. Thank you again. Theres one more behind this one thats just all green. This one is a little brighter because of the flash but is a little dark green with red speckles on the leaves and a red head with white fur on top so far. I sowed the last 2 also so real curious what they will look like. This one looks pretty cool so far imo, what do you think?
Unfortunately the image isn't working (for me at least).
not working for me either... but 2/3 seeds I got have germinated and are working on the first true leaves
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your link looks like a private email address....try uploading on a public server like flickr, photobucket or facebook.
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no problem... make sure the url you are using directly links to the photo and not the web page. look for something ending in gif, jpeg, tiff, png, etc. if it doesnt have that extension, you probably have the wrong one.
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Ok. Ill read up on it more. Thank you for the info and help
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Awesome work. I guess you were the first of us to get germination. The seedling looks well developed!

I've got 2/3 germination, and one is just starting to drop the seed casing.
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woohoo! congrats man :D
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Thanks. Ill check later to see if the date was written on the side. Its looking kind of cool so far. Kind of neat watching other also sprout theirs of same stock
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Lookin good, congratulations!
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Nicely done corners.... :)
I'm anxious to see how everyone's compare as well
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Here's one of the two that I had germinate, this one is a little bigger so far, but the sphagnum is crowding out the other, gotta pull some of it out.