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HEEELLP!!! Cooked Highlanders!

Okay, so I have a serious problem. Last night there was a bit of a mix-up, and my highland Nepenthes went in the wrong place for their nighttime cooldown, and were put onto the wrong bench. This morning I found them being hit with direct sunlight, something they are not used to, and temps around 85*F, and while most seemed okay (a little sunburn, maybe), I fear I have killed my N. diatas x mira, and my N. mira and N. rajah, both only a few inches across, look like lettuce that was left on the counter. My question is, for the two that are on the brink, is there any way to recover the leaves to any extent and get them growing again, or should I look inot replacing all three of the worse-off plants?
what you can do is just let the damaged plants spend a week in the highland area and access damage. if there are no signs of life/live tissue then move on. Theres a chance that the growth tips are still alive and active in which case the plant can slowly recover.
Do you have any pictures? Those would certainly help out. With out any pictures I can only recommend what Myles said. This lettuce syndrome your talking about is probably a sign that the plants have become dehydrated while in the improper conditions. I would recommend giving them high humidity while they are back in their highland chamber. If the tissue isn't black, then there's still a chance they'll survive.
Not sure if this helps you but I have a mirabilis that is going through the same thing..lettuce leaf isn't terminal I do not believe unless they all start turning brown. I increased the watering by 50% for the first 7 days, kept it as humid as I could, trimmed 1/3 of it's leaves by 1/2 in length, gave it a little foliar magnesium once a week and diffused the incoming light.

The problem you are gonna run into is the plant will not be able to produce enough energy to maintain itself so an infrastructure reduction was necessary....best to do it proactively before the plant starts cannibalizing itself. depending on how many leaves your plants have i would recommend either reducing some of the leaves in length and removing the bottom 2 entirely(if it has 10 or more). reason I seen is the plant seems to repair its leaves from the stem out so best to slice some ends off.......my mirabilis is maintaining itself but grows like a villosa ftm. lol.

Also found out the hard way that giving it more light will not help bc it seems to just anger the thing by irradiating the portions of the leaves that still work with alot of light drives it crazy....think nuclear fission where the particles get so ramped up they collide with each other.

Your plant is different and my plant got this way bc it was repotted twice in 2 weeks in addition to trying to acclimate from a different home to mine.

I hope some of the info is useful to you and suspect that your plants will turn around faster than mine. I would get a second opinion before trimming anything tho. what worked for my lowlander may not for your highlander.
Okay, so some time has gone by, and I can most assuredly say the diatas x mira is dead (yes mass, the one from you). THe rajah lost a couple leaves, but the rest seem to have strengthened up again, thank goodness. The mira is the floppiest, though it's also still in the lowest humidity, but the growth tip is still seemingly firm. I think I will try and keep up humidity, and I'll keep an eye out if anything else develops.
My plants are currently sitting in the sun at around 85*F. If they look wilted-lettuce-y, bag em and put them in proper highland conditions for a week or two.
Floppy leaves come from a change in humidity too quickly from its norm. Thevtemps ars ok for short time. Thats will not kill the plants. I have rajah, hamata, lowii and other highlanders in a gh that will hit 90 on some days for about an hour or so then the temp drops again. Everything is growing great. Hamata, rajah and even lowii and inermis all growing great. Of course humidity is always 60-100% too.