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Hardiness Zones

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I thought it would be a good idea to post this for everyone. I got the idea from a general gardening forum that I sometimes visit for some houseplant tips. Obviously this is for those of us in the US.


<iframe name="zonelookup" src="http://www.arborday.org/webtools/hortzones/ziplookup.cfm?RegID=978" height="150" width="300" scrolling="No" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">[Your browser doesn't support IFrames. <a href="http://www.arborday.org/TreeInfo/ZoneLookup.cfm" target="_blank">Click here</a> to look up your arborday.org hardiness zone.]</iframe>


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East Aurora, NY is Zone 5-6.
mine's 8-11, wth 11's not even in that map
mine's 8-11, wth 11's not even in that map

I dont think you can be "8-11"
you generally have one zone..based on your warmest winter temp.
so you would probably be simply "zone 11"

unless you are actually right on a border between two zones, like jimscott,
his "zone 5-6" is accurate, because he lives on the border between those two zones.

but most people dont..most people have just one zone number.

Bruce made a good comment in this thread that is relevant to this discussion:

You have to be careful with that zone thing because zones are usually developed for winter hardiness. Most of Florida probably gets too cold in the winter for ultra-highland Neps or Heliamphoras and they're probably considered Zone 11(?) plants. But Florida's climate would probably bake those plants by May.

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It said zone 6-7 for Houston, MO (where I live in the summer) and 5-6 for me for Omaha, NE. Sounds about right.
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Hmm... hard to tell, but San Antonio looks to be either zone 8 or 9. Perfect for natural dormancy outside :)
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zone 4 i cant grow jack outside. waaay to airid and hot in the summer freezing cold in the winter yaaaayyy. its funny that my plant collection is what compells me to move from my hometown
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I'm in the gold...zone 10!
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I always find it weird that I can go to school 6.5 hours northeast and go from 4a to 5b :D

Thanks for that map! If you enter your zip it pops up with some pretty cool info.
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The New 2012 USDA Hardiness Map

Hey All,
Haven't been on in while (I do snoop around on occasion though!). Anyway, I just thought I'd post the link to the new 2012 Hardiness Map from the USDA. It's the first time they've made an interactive GIS-based system. You can also just pop your zip code in. USDA PHZM

Edit: If my memory serves me, we've always had a Canadian presence here, so here'e the latest for Canada.
Plant Hardiness Zones of Canada
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I've seen that map actually. According to what I've read on various sites, there shouldn't not be a lot difference between the two. Out of curiosity, where does plantmaps get their data?
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I live in zone 9.