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So I've noticed that when you take sphagnum directly from the very wet culture and drape it around nep pots, it quickly dries out and its extremely soft. This was the way the sphagnum around my N. aristolochioides was until a few days ago when it started growing new tips, it kinda "hardened-off" literally, because it seems to retain more moisture.

This morning I used maybe 1/5 or so of my sphagnum culture to drape around the tops of my N. spathulata x (spathulata x boschiana) and my N. 'Momoka' (insignis x merilliana), which are both in like 6" x 6" pots. The medium is quickly draining, despite being sphagnum, and the sphagnum on tops has almost completely dried out two times today. It stays at a healthily-moist state, but it looks whiter than if it is directly wet. How can I keep this wet? I'll be able to tend to it multiple times a day, but it is going to turn into a pain. Any tips?

Would putting the pots in dishes of distilled water help at all? They're like 6" tall, so IDK if that would help...
I guess I'm just going to have to deal with it drying out every hour then... :(
If the moss has been growing as a semi-aquatic it takes a very long time to re-adapt to drier conditions. Lower the water levels in your cups or tubs slowly over a period of a month or two. The moss will tell you when it is getting too dry. Misting now and then will help. After it is adapted start using it as toppings on pots. Keep it in densely packed clumps. These dry out less quickly. Top water daily or when it gets pasty looking. When the clumps get established, divide and repeat. Cover the top of the pot this way in a patchwork manner. Eventually it will get completely covered as the clumps will multiply exponentially.