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Formerly known as Pineapple
I have...

- 3, 1cm (not counting pitchers) N. attenboroughii seedlings (Sprouted mid January)
- 40+/-, .75cm ventricosa seedlings (Sprouted in May)
- 10+/- .75cm Random hybrid seedlings (Sprouted in May)

all in my seedling terrarium thingy. Today I went out into my greenhouse and looked in a bowl of completely dried-up, crispy Sphagnum and found a freshly sprouted Nepenthes seedling in it. I guess that proved my greenhouse to be seedling-safe. It is about 80% humidity during the day and 90% at night, maybe 70% during the day on a very hot day. It gets sun from around 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the summer and maybe 2 hours of sunlight in the winter per day, the rest of the day it is in bright shade.

I really want to get my seedling terrarium out of my room, so would it be okay to move the seedlings out into my GH? Of course I'd move a pot with a few ventricosa out first, then if those do well, the rest of the vents, then the attens if it goes perfect. I guess I'd keep them bagged for a while and shaded from the sun. So would it be okay or is this like a completely derpy idea and it is typical to grow them inside for like a year before releasing them into the GH?

Here's a video of my GH if you haven't seen it before...

Nobody has any thoughts on this? :(
I grow all of mine in plastic containers with vents inside and once they get three or four pitchers I move the containers into my shade house outside. After they've been there about a week I slowly open the lids more and more until they harden off to the less humid conditions outside.

That being said, where I live there isn't much temp difference between inside and outside. Oh and I also keep them under the tables where they only get indirect sunlight outside so they don't cook in the plastic containers.
Thanks! :)

I moved them (and by them I mean a couple N. ventricosa) out to the GH... They'll get night temps in the mid 50s and day temps in the low 80s and 70s as usual. It'll be a sink or swim thing. No big losses, it was a pot with just a couple sprouts. :)