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Happy New Year!

Looks fantastic, as usual ;-) Happy New Years to you too!
'Nice Paul. I can't match a video tour of the Geinhouse but I do wish all a happy and prosperous New Year.
Happy new year folks !!!!!!

Hope you guys and your plants will have a great year ! I wish you many divisions, seeds, cross, repot, feedage, sowing, harvest, cuttings, and 0 dead plants of course :)

And i wish me a better english for 2014 haha

Cheers !!
That's fantastic, Paul.

Happy New Year everyone!
Jeezez Paul! It's like a rainforest in there, chocking with pitchers! Great walkthrough and happy new year~!
May the new year be better than the old.

That is amazing. Absolutely amazing.
Happy new year to you too, Geinhouse! Well done.