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Happy Birthday Exo!

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Happy birthday dude! Hope you have a good one.
Happy Birthday man! Hope it was fun :)
Happy Birthday. Hope it's everything you hoped for and more..

27 IS young btw..
Wow, only 27? 'Just a babe, ha!

An excellent day and a wonderful year to you, Mark!
Happy birthday, Exo :-D
Today has been a fantastic birthday, thanks everyone! :D
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thats just so awesome...

now where exactly did you catch this thing? what kind of bait did you use?
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Cheers, yo
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Happy Birthday Mark!

May your day continue to be full of joy, laughs, and healthy Omega-3's.
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Happy Birthday EXO!
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Happy Birthday Dr. Exo, cp proctologist
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Late, but Happy BDay.