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Hamata rescue . . .

While admittedly not much to look at for the time being, here is a vial of Nepenthes hamata, from 2011 seed, in a media to -- successfully as it turns out -- promote some root growth; all too frequently an issue with the genera. Unfortunately, the cultures experienced an unforeseen spike in heat when a fan burned out, while I happened to be away back in April (yet another reason to, once again, declare war on Korea). Thankfully, within the last month or so, new growth has appeared, just visible at the crown. As an aside, what may appear to be contamination on the "plantlet," is simply condensation on the container's exterior and a slacker of a photographer . . .

Nepenthes hamata: June 2012
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Nice! good luck with continued success =)
Congrats, nice to see that new growth!!
nice work , hate when the uncontrollable happens , , now me i just simply cut the growth tip off my seedrown hamata while trimming another plant . luckily it has now recovered , it did have to grow two new leaves with out pitchers , so i hope the next will start a new pitcher.