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Hamata finally taking off

About five weeks ago I started moving the hamata's and mac into an unheated room at night to provide something close to proper conditions and hamata #1 that was growing steadily and producing pitchers before went on to produce two short, tightly curled leaves with dud pitchers and the third having a normal leaf that might or might not dud again. Number four since the change of habitat looks like it will be normal like before. I take it that was just a reaction to the change made by providing cold nighttime temps and 100% humidity? Hamata #2 did little for three weeks after it arrived and finally has taken off. It went into the unheated room while it was still dormant and shortly after took off and never produced the dud pitchers mentioned. In fact it arrived from the seller with a fully extended leaf and tendril with a small undeveloped pitcher suspended above the media and because it remained this way for weeks I figured it would dud but sure enough when the plant took off so did that pitcher and swelled to four times it's original size. It's not going to reach the proper scale for the size plant but I am surprised that it did anything. I documented the process and found it interesting how the tendril slowly lowered the pitcher to the ground as it developed. The lid opened three days ago and traces of red are coming on so it is done. There are two more developing rapidly and in thirty days the plant should have laid in four or five pitchers at this rate. Like with all of my plants I take scads of pictures from all angles for the future. My 15 year "celeb, sci-fi & horror, old Honda resto, family history and carnivorous plant" website came to an end last Fall but I am still building and maintaining it with the images I have in case I decide to take it on line again some day. I am having a blast contrary to what some in my family and acquaintances may think, funny how people that need and have a rich social life fail to understand how us loners can possibly be content and frankly I stopped trying to convince them.
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Congrats! Wish i could see pics. I'm impatiently waiting on my hamatas to put out some pitchers.
This is the progression of a leaf / tendril / pitcher of the hamata #2 I mentioned from date to date as indicated in the picture. As I mentioned, picture one is how the plant arrived.
Great progression pictures :)
very nice pitcher congratulations on this... I remember my first hamata. It died after I waited for it for many months :cry:... anyway congrats
Looks great. Be nice when mine is pic worthy.