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H. collina (MikeWilder $65)

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- Heliamphora collina (formerly foothills testigos) - mature plant (has previously flowered) from the area below some tepuis so the species should be adapted to somewhat higher temps than other Heli's from the top of the tepuis.

Some detail on this plant: I divided my largest plant in March of 2012. After dividing, plants that will survive often show new growth fairly quickly & those that won't make it will fade away. This division stayed green & healthy-looking for months -- but didn't produce any new pitchers. Finally, last month (Feb), I upended the plant to see what was going on. i discovered a group of small pitchers that couldn't find their way to the surface. I repotted and allowed some light to hit this group - immediately, the plant sent up two new pitchers.

Overall plant

Two newest pitchers

- Bidding starts @ $2.
- Buyer pays shipping - which is estimated to be ~$12 (this is a guess ???). If you win more than one of my auctions, I will combine shipping to reduce costs.
- USA only.
- Please plan to pay within 24 hours of auction close.
- For questions or suggestions, I can be reached @
Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
Thanks to a quick payment by the winner & an equally speedy notification by Presto, I was able to get these goodies into the mail.

Shipped this morning via USPS Priority. Tracking info should be in recipient's email (from USPS website).
Received email from Mike that plant was received. He also reimbursed shipping costs.

I believe that this auction is complete.
Thanks for the notification, Ron! Thread is closed, then.
Not open for further replies.