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Grey Dust like Mould/Fungus Growing on top of new media...

I just started to have some grey mould growing on the top of my newly potted plants any advice...

I can get a photo for you if required.

A photo would help a lot:D
I have had very good luck with sulphur as a topical fungicide. I know some people (maybe not CPers) use milk diluted in some water (I want to say its like 10% milk/90% water, might want to do a series of google searches on that). I personally have never had very good luck with that approach.
Right now, I am experimenting with tebuconazole as a systemic fungicide. I have heard/read it is safe for use on most common CPs though I cannot vouch for its effectiveness or safety.

Whatever your result, I would be interested in hearing about it as I am compiling pesticide/fungicide information for CPs right now.
Oh and.... hows the air flow? Best offense with fungus is a good defense. IE, avoid the conditions which are conducive to its growth.
Hi Maiden and everyone sorry for the delay...



The mould on top is very dusty, however it's fresh media... and it seems to have died down a little on the other pot's.

Here's the other sad news my large digital camera now has a CCD Sensor problem because sony it seems produced a lot of faulty chips.
Here's a taste of what I am getting...


All ideas welcome... on the mould thank you everyone once again.
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