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greetings from Boston!

Hey everyone! :D I stumbled in here while searching the web for highland terrarium cooler rigs and have since fallen in love with the place. I have been a member of the ICPS forum for a couple years but with such low traffic, it was a bit lonely posting there :0o:

I'll be posting my own step by step guide on setting up the terrarium and will get some pics of my now 1 year old bog garden. I also have a small mexican Ping collection that I plan to grow from the now 6 plants to 10-12 in time.

I attended college for horticulture and although I did no work on CPs, I have loved them since I first started growing them in highschool. Look forward to getting to know you guys n girls! :boogie:

I look forward to the thread about cp terrariums :).
Welcome to TF!
Thanks guys :) here is the bog garden construction from march of 2011:

just finished the construction of the bog garden. was a good amount of work but with any luck they'll prove to be worth it.

i used assorted Sarracenia rhizomes

also put in bout 8 fly traps and a cpl sundews. Im so excited to see how they come up!!!

I am in Massachusetts in a zone 6 so plants will prob get to growin in the next month.




pond insulator to protect liner from being cut by rocks. one 70 lb bag of masons sand on top.



cut slits in the liner bout 6 inches long 1 foot apart from one another. this allows excess water to drain so bog wont become stagnant.


another bag of sand for the bottom of the pond liner

once another layer of sand was put on the liner, a peat sand mix is used to fill the remainder of the hole. 1/3 sand 2/3 peat

forgot to take pics as I planted the dormant plants but they are pretty boring atm anywho. after planting, I mulched with white pine needles to keep em insulated till threat of frost is past. :)
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and here is the update from a few days ago. Hope you enjoy!

hey :D heres a lil upddate on my bog garden. Still breaking out of dormancy up here in Mass but things are getting lively. Only got two sar. flowers but I am still very excited. First time I've had them come out of doormancy in my care.

I planted baby flytraps, new capensis' and 5 small sar. in the last week. Filled in the gaps nicely.








now heres a cool lil survivor...its a capensis that survived a forced dormancy and a good ole new england winter! the other 3 capensis died but this one is actually sendign up new gorwth!



cool! Makes me want a bog.... as do most bog related posts.
Hey dude, very, very nice set-up. Just want to mention, before it causes you any problems, that you can't name domestic vendors on this site, i.e. the one the rhizomes came from.
thank you very much for telling me... i had just copy -pasted the whole post over. fixing now :)
Welcome to TF! And GREAT bog project! I hope you will continue to post updates.
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Thanks for the warm welcome, I'll definitely be posting updates. The flytraps and dews should start to explode in growth over the next couple weeks.
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I love the bog garden! thanks for the step by step. I be sure to make one for next spring.
Good growing!
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thanks alot favian :) i should have new pics of the bog up soon!
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lil update on the bog, mainly VFT comparisons :)










and a lil binata that came back and is growing under/through a filiformis :)

would have taken more dew shots but the lighting was too intense