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i have a 6' x 8' kit greenhouse , need to find a few pics, its setting at my old home and is useless to me and i dont think im going to be needing it in the near or even far future, if their is some on in the virginia, north carolina area that would like it, i would like to make some kind of trade, let me know by PM .
it is in very good shape, its been up for a couple years, it is on a built deck , made just for it, so itn in no way miss shaped or put of square, all panels are in tack with no broken pieces, it will need to be broken down, this is something you will have to do , i can offer a hand but you will need to pick it up from this end, i will not deliver it , ill see if i can find a pic or two.
i 6'2" and can walk in with plenty room overhead. wish i had the means to keep it up but there is no way i can afford to keep it warm in the winter, so it is just sitting empty and lonely at this point.:blush: