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Got new glass?

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I know several of us got some new glass over the holidays... so lets see some pics :p

Got mine out and played with it a little today..
It's a lens I've been wanting for a while now, a classic for outdoor walk around use.

Canon L series 70-200mm f/4.0


Full size


Full Size


Full Size

Images as shot, no post processing..... hmmmm I did have a CPL filter on lens.


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what font is that? avant garde? i like it--very clean.

oh yea....awesome pictures too! :grin:
myriad web pro in standard :)
actually it was the default LR4.2 font using my laptop
Very nice! They're incredibly sharp, and I love the smoothness of the bokeh on the last one. Looks like we can expect many more incredible plant/heli shots from you soon aswell. . . :-O

I'll get some shots up soon too.
Sorry for the double post

These pictures are edited, but if anyone wants to see the un-edited versions I can upload them.

As You (Av) and Cryisstal already know, I impulsively spent all of my money on a Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro Planar T* ZF.2 lens. I may be kind of broke now, but since I'm not living in my own house/apartment it doesn't actually matter. . . So basically I'm happy with my decision!

I always love pictures of lenses because of the colours and stuff you can see from the coatings, so I decided to give it a go today. I chose my nicest looking lens, the helios! (Creds to Av for recommending it. :-O )

Full size


Full size

You can see some minor scratches and stuff from previous users here which may add or detract from the pic depending on how you look at it.

Full size

This is a grate in the fireplace with coals sitting in it.



Full size


Full size

And a really shallow DOF macro for fun. I did take another picture of this flower with a smaller aperture.


The only thing I noticed is that is sometimes has some trouble with colour fringes, but nothing noticeable unless you really zoom into the pic. usually happens with white things.

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ohhh nice pics of the Helios, but the second to the last is my fav....
very impressive!

Homer Simpson drool.... Zeisssssssssss
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Thank you Butch. :) Lol.

One more:


F-stop was at 2.2. I think I should have gone for 2.8 or higher though.
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@Av, looks like a good lens. Images look beautiful. What's the minimal focus distance?

@Devon, I'm jelly... Those pics are stunning. I wanna see some plant stuff! What Ping is that? P. emarginata?

I got a 70-300 NIKKOR a while back, but it was just an early Christmas gift (on sale!)




Unfortunately, there is a severe drought of subjects, as most of the birds are either north or south for the winter. We live right in that awkward area where nothing likes to live...

I also got the SB700 speedlight from Nikon, which I don't have any pics uploaded from at the moment, but it sure is fun to use!
Yup, that's the P. emarginata you gave me!

Beautiful pics, Peat. Very crisp and well exposed. Something about the snowy background makes them look really nice too!

Peatmoss said:
We live right in that awkward area where nothing likes to live...

I can definitely relate. :p
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Peat.... I think minimum is about 1m
LOL, your last squirrel pic... too funny, that is one healthy squirrel, nice pics!
Do you find the 70-300mm to be good general purpose lens?
Ive used my 70-210mm Series 1 Viv, but obviously AF sure would be nice

Dev, looks like there was some shake in the cube pic.... is the issue consistant?
That lens shouldnt have any issues of anykind, really should be as good as it gets... an f2 macro, sheesh....
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I don't think there was any movement since I used a tripod. Do you mean the way it has that sort of doubled bokeh at the back of the cube?

Also, I decided to fix the few odd spots from the fringing on the cube. I forgot to take that part of the post out when relplacing the pic.
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LOL I was pixel peeking LOL.... yeah, if it was shake it would be more widespread
Those flames are beautiful, awesome lens Dev
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Saw yer post before you edited it. How come I didn't know about mirror lock before?? That's perfect!

Arg, I'm still figuring out functions of my camera now and then almost a year later. Lol.

And thanks again. :) I'm very happy with the lens... I just hope that some day I'll make a bit of money back with it! Lol
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well when doing macro two big sources of vibration are you and mirror movement.

Remove "you" by using cable shutter release, and remove mirror vibrtions with mirror lock

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Already using cable release, but will definitely start using the mirror up thing.
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Macro or long exposure is the only time I would even worry about it :)
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@Butch, IMHO it's a good lens for the cost. I got it for almost $200 off the original price. It is a bit difficult to get a good exposure with it at higher shutter speeds because it is usually somewhere around f/5.6, but since it has VR, it does a good job handheld at lower speeds.

@Devon, yeah, I was happy with the clarity of the lens. That was at 300mm and I was expecting more blurryness.

I wish there were more interesting animals to take pictures of here. :p
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I dont wanna hijack this thread with a tangent, but I wanna play toooooooooooo

Just took this image, but it wasnt taken with my new glass, but one i got new a year or two ago
A Canon "Nifty Fifty" 50mm f/1.8

Probably the most rare of my vintage lenses... My Yaz ML 24mm

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