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Goodbye Heliamphora RIP

Well the bulk of my collection of adult Heli are now dead! All suffering from wrinkled soft shrivelled growth. And mostly with a dead section of the rhizome making cuttings impossible. Started off slowly a few weeks back and has accelerated since. Ironically I repotted and divide a few "healthy" Heli a while back and these are the latest batch of dieing plants. Might have been better to have left those alone. Though if I had and they later dropped dead would have been annoyed with myself for not taking preventive measures. Think my days of growing Heli after 24 years might be over. And alas Trichoderma atroviride did not help in these cases.
No real common connections as the affected plants were growing between two greenhouses and some outside during the summer.

Think winter will deal with the rest!!

Oh no! I have a heterodoxa x minor and nutans x ionasii from you that when they are large enough to divide I'll gladly send back to you for shipping if you'd like.
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I will have an adult minor and pulchella akopan and amuri to give next spring, if you wish i can keep them for you.