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Good peat moss brands?

Does anyone know good peat moss brands for carnivorous plants? I live next to an OSH and Home Depot... Is the unfertilized peat moss located in the outside nursery??? I always see miracle-gro inside of homedpot...but I heard it is fertilized:(. THANKS!!!! (sorry if this post is confusing:0)
Today I picked up some Black Gold Sphagnum Peat from OSH and used it to start some sphagnum cultures. It says the only thing added is an organic moisture control agent, which is some sort of extract, I forget. I think it sounded like Tecca or something, I forget. It is organic, not a chemical. So I'd say that is perfectly safe for sphagnum and CPs.

Personally, I think even MiracleGro is perfectly fine with a rinse. All it has in it is a bit of fertilizer. They spray a tiny bit of diluted on just enough so they can say that it is on there and that it will help your plants. The fert level is 0.10-0.05-0.10... The fert level in fertilizer that I use foliarly on my Nepenthes is 16-16-16.

Coffee, a common fert used for Nepenthes, has a fert level of 2.0-0.3-0.2... That is a LOT more than in the MiracleGro peat. You can just rinse coffee out and everything is okay again. You should be able to do the same for MiracleGro. :p

A lot of others will say that you should not and can not use MiracleGro peat, but I have used it with amphibians with NO washing. I also have used MiracleGro perlite which has more fertilizer than the peat even. I just wash it. I have used it in all of the Nepenthes that I have repotted, I have used it in my sphagnum cultures.

If you are really concerned, which you shouldn't be after reading this, you can buy some organic like the Black Gold I mentioned or other stuff they sell that is organic. Now you know you can go with the cheapest option and just rinse with distilled water. ;)
I just went my local nursery and picked up a giant undecorated bale of peat moss. As long as it isn't miracle grow, it is unlikely that larger bales of peat moss will contain chemicals.
I don't know about the products sold in the USA, but I know that they add lime to peat based fertilized composts here in the UK to amend the pH levels, as peat is too acidic for some common plants. Carnivorous plants and lime are not usually the best of friends - with some Mexican Pinguicula being an exception.
The brand I use is called "Sunshine". I'm not sure how good it is compared to other brands, but at least my plants haven't died. It came in a bale and it said "100% pure Canadian sphagnum peat moss" on it.
I havent seen unfertilized type of peat moss that you can buy in bulk at home depot (don't know about OSH), but I know they have the long fibered ones that are unfertilized. (Mosser's I think?) I personally bought my sphag peat from Lowe's for like, 10 bucks? It's a HUGE bag too! (3 cu. ft) The brand is Premier, and it's not amazing quality because there's some bark and stuff in it, but just sift through it and it works just fine. I go to home depot for my perlite and vermiculite. Big bags and relatively cheap/ cheaper than what you can get from online/ amazon. :) Hope that helps!
I use the Garden Magic brand from the Michigan Peat Company.
100% pure Michigan peat.. best stuff I've ever used.
Avoid the BACCTO products, they suck.