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Give 'em the finger! A tip for photographing tiny things.

Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
I found this trick while getting frustrated with my point-and-shoot digital camera. The auto focus can't see what I'm trying to get a picture of, so I give it a little help.

Start with something tiny you want to photograph.

After deciding that the camera absolutely won't focus without intervention, gently place a finger or fingers directly behind the subject. Note the background. If it does not match the color of your fingers, try taping a matching piece of whatever is handy to a stick (or a finger :D), and use that.


Half press the shutter to achieve focus lock.

This part gets tricky. Your hands are going to move. The subject likely will, too, once you release it. Try not to move the camera as you remove your finger/s from behind the subject.



Take the shot.

When you are reviewing/editing/adoring your pictures, there may be finger remnants that need cropping. This is why I like to take my photos in as high a resolution as I can. ;)


What a great guide! I too have found out that a finger helps the camera focus. I always have trouble removing my finger without the focus becoming blurred.
Thanks KT!
You can also employ another trick I learned from hubby: Get a length of light chain and connect it to a nut, threaded to match your tripod mount, trimmed so that it doesn't exceed the length of your tripod mount hole. You drop the chain on the ground and step on it, applying enough pressure upwards to help steady the camera. These are very useful in places where tripods are prohibited.
Ha! Awesome guide!
Thanks.... I can use all the help with this that I can get. Great plain whorl, by the way!
Awesome - I'll definitely try this sometime!
running fingerprint scan through INTERPOL,
hmmm Katie, says you were once known as the "Jackal".... quietly dials +011-1-800-MOSSAD

hehehehehe....sweet idea kid,
Ha ha ha! Me, an assassin? Hardly. An mealie assassin, maybe.

Thanks, guys!