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Gimmie-Gimmie sydrome

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Carnivorous plant etiquette. :lol:

So obscure, but so crucial to understand fully.

I know I have the bad habit of sometimes letting PM's drop out of my frame of mind, for that I am sorry. Also I know I haven't been able to create as many giveaways as I have received. That I am sorry for also. Also I am guilty of putting a plant up for trade when maybe it was my turn to do a giveaway.

But that being said, some of the people on are here are just SO darn generous that to match their capacity for plant giveaways I would have to more or less give away half of my collection.

Anyway, thanks so much to all those who have given me or traded me plants. I hope in the future to be better at giving back and such.
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All your CP's are belong to us!
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resistance is futile...
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Good thing I stumbled upon this thread (I was looking for Pyros posts about utrics :) ), reminds me to be humble and appreciate the generosity of members in this community!

On that note I can't tell you how thankful I am for your Utrics...I love 'em! :-O
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On that note I can't tell you how thankful I am for your Utrics...I love 'em! :-O

I hope they grow really well for you. Actually sending them to you was fun and a very pleasant experience! Next year I'll do another utric giveaway and hopefully add more epiphytic utrics to that list :)
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To any who feel they aren't doing thier fair share to give enough back I say at least your heart is in the right place and if it is then I have no doubt your day in the sun will come. Generosity, like any virtue, is not a competition; it is an aspiration.

Some just have more extras than others either through time, money, or dumb luck. LOL.

EDIT: Funny, I immediately created a Giveaway after posting this.
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very educational thread!

As a newbie to the CP world, I have found a home here at TF. You are ALL way too generous as I see it on the boards. Butt, that is what makes this the great forum it is.

I am guilty of being a lurker here, gawking at all the beautiful plants and set-ups, these are what drives my desire for more! I have spent many hours pouring over the archives, absorbing what I can from Y'all.

I have recieved some plants from a Member without even asking, some from the auction, some from vendors. All are deeply appreciated.

That being said...I find it difficult to weed through all the sources around the world, finding the plant (s) I am wanting, type of payment to be made, etc...
This forum streamlines all that.
I work very hard for my $ and do not like to send it to folks with poor moral standards ( illegal collecting, poor shipping methods, etc..). I am more than generous, as I fully believe in the "pay it forward" attitude.
But when you have nothing to offer in trade to someone, it can be difficult to obtain some species.
I suppose what I am trying to say is...don't stop posting pic's or grow lists because of a few bad apples, it is what makes this forum my first stop each morning with my coffee.

In closing this long winded post, as a Moderator on a very large website, this place has a very kind disposition all around.
To all here at TF....keep up the good work!!
I thank you all for being here for me.
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We have lived in an entitlement society for far too long -- and a good number of us were simply raised by wolves; and I too have received no small number of "demands" from people over the years . . .
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Obnoxious is obnoxious

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Heh, used to have this on a record as a kid, I think the flip side was "Never Smile at a Crocodile".
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One of the characters I play at Howl-O-Scream sounds like that Jerry Lewis record, but it's a lot creepier because of the raspy voice, and I'm asking them to feed me and my face is covered in fake blood and behind a wall.

Hopefully I'll be able to do a giveaway soon. I'll have plenty of U. graminifolia plugs and a few N. x mixta and N. x ventrata cuttings soon. There will be an S. jonesii giveaway in a year or two.
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I think we are due for a bump :)
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Ah come on...gimme syndrome is the best part about the holiday season ;)
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thank you thank you thank you.. been meaning to bump this baby.
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thank you mass for all the plants you give away all the time, my wife love the ping flowers that you sent to us
I don't think I ever got a free plant from u or one for shipping but appreciate all the plants you have sent to others
thanks for being so nice
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I think the reason behind this thread originally was not to express our thanks but to remind us all of the appropriate trade/giveaway etiquette that all should follow.
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Speaking as a newbie I'm very saddened and a bit angered to hear that anyone has been so rude to anyone else. I enjoy looking at people's grow lists and love, love, LOVE IT when they post pictures for me to drool over :-O Hearing that some people don't put up grow lists and/or pictures because of these jerks is sad. That means that ALL of us are missing out because of these jerks!

I'm as anxious to acquire plants as the next person but since I don't even have my first plant yet I simply assumed that I'd be waiting on someone to post a give away and buying from vendors until I have enough of my own plants to participate in trading. It never even crossed my mind to simply up and ask someone even very politely if they had anything that they would be willing to send me! I've even seen a few give aways in the short time I've been on these boards and one was even listed as a beginner pack type but by the time I got to it the give away was done. It didn't even occur to me to post or pm the person asking if they could squeeze out just one more pack to send to me because, in my mind, it would be an abuse of that person's generosity! I was just grateful that there are people in this community that are so willing to share what they have with others and look forward to being able to do the same!

Ok, ok, ok, I'll stop the rant here but what I really wanted to say more than anything is to the people who have received this type of ill treatment and feel angry, frustrated, and unappreciated because of it, take heart! Don't let the jerks drive you to hide away because for every jerk out there is someone else quietly just trying to do things the right way so that they can ADD to the cp community, not just leech off it, who truly do appreciate you.
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Anyone have any more demand stories to tell? They are very entertaining :lol:
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Strangely and thankfully, I don't seem to get too many. I think that I've only received one demand. All the others have been polite requests.
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I myself had a bad experience in a prior trade... let's just say I won't be dealing with this person anymore. There is much self entitlement on here, but fortunately the vast majority seem to really enjoy plants, and are decent enough to be grateful for what they get. I like to keep the spirit of giving plants since many awesome individuals on here helped jump start my collection.

I am to the point where I like to do all of my transactions via PM just so I can keep them on the down low :)