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Genlisea hispidula traps in water


When Time Stood Still
I recently required a Genlisea hispidula at the LACPS meeting in February. I decided to make a small mesh pot to hold it in and let the roots (traps) go into the water below! I had not figured it would make traps soo large soo soon! It has only been about 2 months and the plant itself (above ground) has barely changed but below it made 1 huge nearly 2 inch trap!


I was shocked to find it seeing that I had covered the glass cup it was in to stop algae growth. I uncovered it to clean the water and check up on it and found this nice surprise!
The water is still really clean and it was shocking to see something soo cool come out after I thought noting had happened!


Hope you enjoy!
That is a very nice example why the common name is the corkscrew plant. If those traps are exposed to light for awhile, they will turn green and start to put out leaves. You could also cut a portion of the traps for new plants.
fantastic display pot.
What's that medium? Pure sphagnum?
Fantastic! You'll have to bring it to the next meeting this Sat.
Tanks soo much for the wonderful responses!

To start I keep the glass covered to keep algae off of it and this results in the roots also being covered. I don’t really want the roots to start up new plants quiet yet because I’m interested in seeing how many/ how long they will get!

I have the plants growing in pure long fibered Sphagnum mainly because other material will fall though the holes on the sides and bottom...

Also, If there is interest I plan on making a tutorial on how to make the pots which are pretty simple, you can get all the required parts at Michaels or any other craft store.

And lastly I do plan on bringing it in on Saturday to the meeting! I also have some other interesting things including many of the Sarracenia sprouts from seeds I received at the last meeting to give away (I have WAY too many to handle myself) a Pinguicula the has an interesting deformations in it...
Ohh pretty...:0o: Nice growing. Yeah your plan on making a tutorial sounds great. :) Thanks for the pics
Thank for bring this to the meeting. This plant is awesome first hand.