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Gardens by the Bay - Cloud Forest

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Here are some pics of the cooled conservatory and the CPs growing there. I promised myself to go back with a better camera and take more photos...my toddler snatched the Cybershot soon after we arrived and 90% of the pics were her "creative work". :headwall:

What an incredible place! That artificial mountain with the waterfalls would be a work of art without the plants. But with them...! I ended up looking at most of the photos in full resolution because I had to see the details. Thanks for posting these, Cindy.
Wow! I was just searching for some better photos of that Robcantleyi yesterday after seeing it in a video. Just stunning
I am blown away. That's too beautiful for words. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOWZA! I've fantasized about making such a setup if I ever won the lottery and had the money to burn. To see it actualized it's really something! :)
That is truly an impressive place!
good gravy thats a very sweet place to visit.
thanks for sharing
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There is a similar, but not quite as impressive, cloud forest setup at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It's amazing that botanical gardens can create this kind of environment in such hot climates. Atlanta's summer heat and humidity can probably rival that of Singapore's! Instead of N. robcantleyi, the main Nepenthes attraction there is what can only be described as a forest of N. x briggsiana 'Peter D'Amato'.