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Ga3 Measuring Spoon / Scoop

Does anyone know where i can get a 100mg Measuring Spoon, to measure some Ga3 (Gibberellic Acid)

Regards :grin:
See this thread, I put a link to one source of scoops.

However what size scoop you need depends on the concentration of the powder you are using.

There's a method for making a scoop outlined here. But again it depends on the concentration of the powder you are using in the first place.
I remember the thread. I am using Ga3, 90%. I emailed them but got the email returned.

The kit I have came with this scoop. A level scoop is 0.080g, In 0.072 liters of water will make a 1000ppm solution from 90% GA3. You can work out dilutions from that.


They only sell the scoops in bulk so you can't just buy one. Maybe they'll send you samples if you ask.
Ultimately, being precise about the measurement, wasn't that big of an issue.