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From a bugs point of view...

I wanted to try and see what a future victim of my plants voracious appetites might see before he wanders into a trap. I set my little 20$ camera down in the planter and managed to get a few shots that weren't so blurry.

I was particularly inspired by this rockin' Utricularia leaf in behind some sundews.

The D. graomogolensis is growing like a weed.

This was supposed to be a pic of the D. madagascariensis in the foreground, but I think the D. aliciea in the background stole the show.

I really think this point of view stuff is pretty cool and hopefully others have photos of this kind laying around to share here and keep it going! :-D
The pastel hues of these photos give them a sense of ethereal calm. How ironic.

Great shots!
Great photos, neat idea I like it a lot!!


Finally got around to giving this idea another attempt. From a bug's point of view:

Coming in for a landing.

Beautiful pictures! Those are definitely some healthy plants you got
I found some that I have taken! These are from November.



Wow, the sand looks like snow in that first close-up. The flytrap looks like a seedling. And I really like the one looking down the pitcher. Here are a few of mine:


wow great stuff guys! That towering forest of pitchers is particularly ominous and I have to agree with Tanukimo that the view into the pitcher is pretty cool!

@Tanikumo: what specie of dew is in the last take? Is that venusta?
It is but a baby flytrap amongst giant sarrs!
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Yes Shortbus, it is Drosera venusta. They are a lot redder now that I have them growing in full sun.